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No Sound on Galaxy Trend Plus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zancek0, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Hi. First of all I put this in S3 subforum because I couldnt find one for Trend. Now I'll try to make this as short as possible. Few days ago, all of a sudden (and I dont even know when exactly) my phone wasnt producing any sound at all. I dont recall my phone falling on the ground or any updates. It just stopped working, however it could vibrate and also I could receive calls and actually hear the person, which is kind of weird. This lasted a day when I decided to reset the phone to the factory settings (after attempting many fixes..). I also tried the headphones method but found out that it wont even recognize them unless I press really hard. After factory reset it still woulnt work. So yesterday after jamming my headphones in and out, and trying the Adapt Sound option it suddenly started working. Ofc I was suprised and all. Then I went flashing Cyanogenmod and everything worked smoothly etc. Well, later my phone slipped and fell on the ground. Immediately sound stopped working again. Again I tried all the possible solutions that I found on the internet but none worked. However now my phone absolutely doesnt recognize headphones (before it kinda did). Calls are working though. What should I do (still using cyanogenmod)? I tried: wiping cache, factory reset, all sound options, removed the cover and tapped around the speaker, tried to get rid of dust in headphone port. So is there anything else I can try myself? Thanks for suggestions! (sorry for the big text block)

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