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no sound when in call

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by smudger2005, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. smudger2005

    smudger2005 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hi all...
    hope someone can help. my daughter got her galaxy s2 yesterday and all seemed well. but this morning she can make calls but there is no sound at all, when i call her there is no sound. anyone else had the same problem.

    Update...when i phone her and she answers there is complete silence until she puts it on loud speaker but i still cant hear her...

    phone going back..tech guys reckon internal mic fault...:mad:

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  2. jameslink

    jameslink Newbie

    EDIT: Solution Found!

    The cause of the problem is the handset becoming "stuck" in headset mode.

    Some rough plugging and unplugging of a headset will usually fix it. You can also try blowing the jack to clear it out, and as a last resort, plug the headphones halfway into the jack, start playing music, and slowly insert and remove the headphones a little until the music starts playing over the phone speakers.

    I have contacted Samsung and hopefully they will repair the handset under warranty.

    My original post before the edit:

    Hi all, sorry to bump a week old thread but im having the same issue.

    Its not a hardware fault because the calls work fine after resetting the phone. I have noticed this tends to happen with the first call after a charge.

    Any fix yet OP?
  3. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Android Enthusiast

    You have of course tried the volume button during the call which adjusts the "In Call Volume"? Note if you turn down volume to minimum then one more the phone goes to silent (vibrate ) mode. Clutching at straws perhaps but I had to ask the obvious question.
  4. jameslink

    jameslink Newbie

    I confess, I have not actually checked the in-call volume. Next time it happens I will check. It's only happened twice so far.

    But, I really doubt this is the cause of the problem, for two reasons:

    -even if our call volume was zero, the other party should still be able to hear us, but they cannot

    -rebooting the phone would not solve the issue if it was zero call volume, as the call volume would remain constant between boots

    And even if the issue turns out to be zero call volume, we still need a fix to stop the phone setting itself to zero volume.
  5. jameslink

    jameslink Newbie

    OK good news, I have isolated the cause of the problem. Call volume is not the issue, nor is charging.

    The error occurs anytime AFTER using the Samsung 3.5mm headset. After inserting and removing the headset, calls cannot be heard without either a handsfree kit or the speakerphone button.

    I should clarify that calls can still be made, but neither party can hear each other.

    The only way to make the internal mic and speaker function again is to reboot the phone.

    Anyone care to suggest a fix?
  6. jameslink

    jameslink Newbie

    OK a further development, the handset will make no sound of any kind without plugging in the headset. No music or anything. Additionally, voice recordings are inaudible.

    I can still reboot it and it works fine until I plug in the headset.

    Even after, I can still plug in the headset and hear everything/make calls fine.
  7. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Android Enthusiast

    I'd be taking it back to the store - sounds like a faulty headphone switch ie. the hardware that normally switches sound on and off when headphone jack is inserted.
  8. Mojo47

    Mojo47 Lurker

    Thank's for the tip.It worked with a clean up at headphones socket
  9. Mary E

    Mary E Lurker

    im trying to get this out there..heres what I did hope it opens..if not search You tube for no sound during call...hopefully a fix madamefreak....gl everyone...

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