Root No space ?


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After rooting my phone , my 2gb SD card has absolutely no space !


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Save the pics and other must have data to a pc, then wipe your sd card.

If all you've done is just root your phone then you should have all kinds of space.


Do a soft eject through the settings and then reinsert it and see if everything works after that. If not follow wetbikers advice and back it up and reformat it.


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This is what I would do. I would keep my pics and stuff that are irreplaceable and save them on a pc. I would then go in your recovery and do a factory reset and then wipe cache, scroll down to ADVANCED and then wipe the dalvik cache. Reboot your phone.

After the phone has completely booted up, go into settings /storage and reformat your sd card. You'll have to unmount it first then choose to erase it. Just follow the prompts and then reboot once you're done.

You can also choose to reformat it with the computer. Shut the phone down, pull it out and reformat it.

If you do all that and you're still having space issues, you may have a sd card that is going bad.

Personally, i bought a 16 gb card for mine. 2gb just isn't near enough space for me. I'm not saying you need to get a 16gb sd card. I'm just saying that you may want to spend $10 or $20 and get one with some storage space on it. :thumbup:;):D