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No speech to text ???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vonedaddy, May 12, 2010.

  1. vonedaddy

    vonedaddy Member
    Thread Starter

    I have the 2.1 leak v3 installed and just realized I do not have the speech to text button while in message compose screen. Is there something I am missing??

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  2. Jmtegra

    Jmtegra Android Enthusiast

    Thats because its not there in any of the leaks.
  3. hybridowner

    hybridowner Newbie

    There is no native "speech to text" for the Eris 2.1 upgrade. It's just one more way that Eris owners get screwed by Big Red.
  4. Jrocker23

    Jrocker23 Android Enthusiast

    The new official release is supposed to have it, according to the verizon PDF..
  5. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    I have the OTA 2.1 update, do we have speech to text? I can't find it
  6. banduraj

    banduraj Member

    Its actually there, you just can't use it because you don't have a keyboard that supports it.
  7. boostlover

    boostlover Lurker

    I've got 2.1 OTA already, and once again we've gotten screwed by Big Red. No speech-to-text support with the 2.1 update. :mad:
  8. jamessa

    jamessa Lurker

    Is there another keyboard available somewhere? This is really dumb.
  9. squirrellydw

    squirrellydw Member

    I downloaded a different keyboard that has the mic but I don't know how to install/activate it? Any idea?
  10. sed

    sed Newbie

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  11. mmurphy1968

    mmurphy1968 Newbie

    Use Handcent for text messages. It gives speech-to-text.
  12. JCUMV

    JCUMV Well-Known Member

    My understanding is the 2.1 update is still using the standard Eris keyboard, which obviously doens't support voice to text. So, I download Better Keyboard for 2.99. It has the mic on the keyboard. Works great. I also hear Vlingo work too.
  13. geodek

    geodek Lurker

    The app for speech to text messaging is in the Verizon section of the market.
  14. goose42195

    goose42195 Newbie

    I'm a little bit of a novice when it comes to this device. Could you or anyone else possibly give some better installation instructions for this keyboard?

    I'm assuming you download this file to your PC and unzip it.
    How do you put the file onto your phone, and where does it go. Onto the sd card?

    Sorry for being Eris challenged, but I'm not confident enough to do this without more specific simplified instructions.

  15. grvthang

    grvthang Android Enthusiast

    I've been using the Uber Keyboard (formally Talk to Me) for several months for speech-to-text. I just did the 2.1 OTA today, and I'm going to try installing the vlingo apk I saved (it wouldn't work on 1.5). Vlingo was great on my Blackberry, and I've heard good things about it on Android as well.
  16. dracozny

    dracozny Android Enthusiast

    ok so he missed a step for all you guys who never installed an app outside of the market.
    goto settings>applications> and check :Unknown sources

    • Download and unzip (not flashable update.zip!)
    • Install the two apks (HTC_IME & Clicker) using your favorite method (via a file manager by placing them on your SD CARD or adb install -r from the tools directory of your sdk library). Sense users shouldn't (and needn't) install Clicker.
    • There is no need to push anything to /system
    • Go to Menu, Settings, Language & Keyboard. Activate "HTC_IME mod"
    • To change keyboard, long press on lower left key on stock keyboard or any input field. Select input method in the menu.
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  17. goose42195

    goose42195 Newbie

    Thanks dracozny. I'll give it a try.
  18. goose42195

    goose42195 Newbie

    Ok, what am I doing wrong?
    I downloaded the lo res file for 1.6 and greater.
    I unzipped it, copied and pasted to my desktop.
    I plugged my Eris into my computer's USB port.
    I doubled clicked the "removable drive" to open the sd card.
    I copied and pasted the one file "HTC_IME_lo.apk" onto the sd card.
    I safely removed the Eris from my computer.
    I went to settings, language and keyboard, but could not find anything asking me to activate the "HTC_IME mod"

    I am running 2.1 OTA and have already installed the voice input program from the verizon market.
  19. buff12db

    buff12db Well-Known Member

    I use vlingo. It works great. The voice dialer in vlingo works great as well. I could never even get the native voice dialer to recognize that I was speaking.
  20. zyklonb

    zyklonb Lurker

    this is true and has been true on 1.5 as well / thread
  21. goose42195

    goose42195 Newbie

    I really didn't want to use any third party software to do this. I would just rather mod the Eris keyboard to include the voice to text button.

    I tried vlingo and didn't like it at all.
  22. mooneyb

    mooneyb Newbie

    goose you need a file manager. Astro file manager from the market place is a good file manager. This goes on your phone. open Astro file manager and find the htc_ime on your sd card. click on that file choose open app manager and install the app.
    goose42195 likes this.
  23. jae_63

    jae_63 Android Enthusiast

    OK, so Handcent looks like a nice way to draft text messages by Speech-to-Text. How can I draft email messages using speech-to-text? I don't have access to the Vlingo Beta.

    I have the 2.1 OTA installed on my Eris.

    Thanks ...
  24. goose42195

    goose42195 Newbie

    mooneyb, that did the trick. thank you so much.
  25. extremetint

    extremetint Lurker

    I have better keyboard and it enables the mic in the keyboard and i am using the leaked version 3 and it works fine

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