Help No steps on the treadmill (also heart rate)

Anyone else having issues with step counting on a treadmill? I have now gone to the gym twice with my watch. On both occasions, the watch recorded very few steps (like 300-400 steps for 1/2 hour walking at 4.5 mph) while on the treadmill. But i racked up 100 just walking back to my car.

Note that my phone was in my locker (maybe out of BT range). But I never got a disconnected symbol. Also, in theory the watch should not need the phone to count steps.

Also, heart rate while walking recorded 68 while walking. 130 after stopping. Watch fits well, not too tight, not too loose.

Looking forward to your replies. Thanks,


Richard Rogers

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I tried it both ways, neither registered significantly. But the sensors in a pedometer device (watch or fitbit) typically do not require arm swing.