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No syncing/notifications for Gmail and Google Voice

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by zipobibrock5e8, May 6, 2012.

  1. zipobibrock5e8

    Thread Starter

    I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Honeycomb 3.2. Two of the apps I use often, Google Voice (I use it for SMS), and Gmail aren't auto-syncing or alerting me to new messages. They work fine if I go into them and tell them to refresh manually, and when I do that I also get notifications for the new messages the manual refresh finds.

    Settings look like auto-sync is set up correctly, and I've removed any apps like power managers that I thought might be messing with WiFi. Other apps like Hotmail autosync and notify me instantly when I get a new message.

    On my iPad and iPhone, Google Voice and Gmail autosync and notify me instantly for new messages, so I know my Google account is set up and working.

    Would love to ditch the iPad and use the Tab all the time if I could get this last thing working. Anyone encountered this?

  2. zipobibrock5e8

    Thread Starter

    No one has any clue about this? It's very frustrating, and makes the tablet much less useful. I've even tried a factory reset and it didn't help. Are notifications and autosync just broken for these apps? For Honeycomb 3.2? For the Galaxy Tab?

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