Dec 17, 2009
Has anyone figured out how to get the toggle buttons back on the notification pulldown panel?

I am referring to the toggles for bluetooth, wifi, sound, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ummm, This is Android 2.3.4 with MotoBLUR / BLAH / whatever they friggin call it. Those that you are referring to I believe were in custom ROMs only, or else from other phone OEMs.

That could be. I have run many ROMs on my old OG Droid. I did think they were there before I rooted though, but I could be mistaken.

I did find individual widgets I can place on a home screen, but it was kind of nice having them on the pulldown.

On the OG DROID it definitely was ROM based. I still have it now, b/c I remember someone re-wrote the app so that it side scrolled so you could have more than 4 toggles up there.

it's in CM7 for sure, b/c I use it all the time (er, used lol) on my DROID
You can also try Switchpro widget (free version also I think...)

It's not going to give you toggles in your pulldown though. Nothing will till custom ROM's are cooked
I'm missing this feature as well, coming from an OG DROID with CM7 flashed. But, SwitchPro is doing the job nicely for me. I have two rows of four switches.
Widgetsoid is definitely the best and it's free. On my Droid X, it worked perfectly in the notification bar, but when I upgraded to Gingerbread, I had to use the pop up. Still works but not as convenient. Same thing with the Bionic so it seems like it's a Gingerbread issue.
This is one of the features I thought I might miss from the custom ROM on my OG Droid. So far I've missed it only once, but it's nice having it in the notification bar so you can toggle things without actually leaving the app that you're using.

For the most part though, I have Tasker manage my settings for me, so it's not too often that I'm manually turning things on or off.