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No txt msg sound after .3-.6 ota

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Traceamount, Aug 12, 2010.

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    Been looking around awhile for an answer to this, but no luck, couple suggestions but nothing has worked. Since the .3 to .6 OTA update I havent been getting any sound, or vibration from the phone when I recieve a text message. I had just did a hard reset couple days before the update, everything else works fine, flash and whatnot. Im using the stock sms program, never downloaded anything for the sound, but Sound Manager was a suggestion, tried that, also tried Zedge. I tried setting my notification sound and incoming notification sound back to default sounds that came with the phone. Only thing I had done prior besides the update, is added some sounds into the media/audio/notifications folder on the SD card. Thanks for any advice, also im not rooted, obv.

    *Not 30 seconds before doing a hard reset, I went in Sound Manager toggled all my sounds/vibrate off, exited, re-opened, turned them back on and turned my phone off/on. And magically I get sound/vibrate with txt now! I had reset the phone maybe 5 times this morning already, so had kind of ruled that out.

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