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No unacounted VAT?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Anderson, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Anderson

    Anderson Member
    Thread Starter

  2. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    There is also the possibility that the DHL (or whoever's delivering) will send a VAT bill at a later date. I wouldn't risk it personally. What we need is a copy of the accompanying paperwork that would show how the item was listed, as gift, electronics etc.

    If it is the case that Google have somehow bypassed the VAT, if HM R&C get wind of it the importer (as in, one of us!) could be liable for a fine.
  3. Anderson

    Anderson Member
    Thread Starter

    Im still indecivie of what to do. Up until a couple days ago I was about to buy a Hero for
  4. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    My problem with the Hero is the Sense UI. Sure, it's super pretty and I was sooo close to getting one, but then I realised that any OS updates would first have to go through HTC to have the Sense UI updated as well. If HTC ever decide to stop supporting the Hero, you would be left stuck with whatever the last OS they could be bothered to update. There's no worry about that for me with the N1.

    Anyway, according to Vodafone it'll be available in the UK in "a few short weeks" (oh yes, not long weeks or even regular length ones, but SHORT!), so I'm happy to wait til then for UK-based prices. And by then there will be more "real user" reviews, plus some solid evidence on whether VAT will be charged when importing from the US.

    But seriously. Any more than 2 weeks and I'll just snap and buy it from the US site. I'm actually reading the manual right now to prepare me for what I'm hoping will be the ultimate phone experience (but just about anything could hit that mark for me, I still have my trusty 3.5 year old Samsung D900i!)
  5. Anderson

    Anderson Member
    Thread Starter

    I've heard Feb 3rd floating around as when Vodafone will start offering the N1.
  6. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    ......that is definitely more than two weeks. *neck twitch* that's fine. juuuuuuuust fiiiiine.
  7. markouk

    markouk Android Enthusiast

    Lol, I'm not as mental as you but I'm getting there!
    I keep reading lots of sites and reviews/info about the N1. It's not a clever thing to do as it makes me want one more and more. I'm not going to pay through the nose for it as I think it may appear over here at a reasonable price.
    I'm desperate to see how the UK buyers on this forum get on with their purchase and how easy the whole process was.
    I've pre-ordered on Expansys and set up an email notification on Play so I know when it'll drop and what the price difference will be.
    Fingers crossed the whole multi-touch thing works out too!
  8. oniongirl

    oniongirl Android Enthusiast

    So have any other UK dwellers received theirs and enquired about the VAT payment? I'm starting to rock back and forth now, someone must have a delivery due today.
  9. Delude

    Delude Member

    Surely Google will be selling the Nexus from their own .co.uk site at the same time as Vodafone right? What would be the point in not selling an unlocked version over here too?

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