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No update for me!!??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by akha618, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. akha618

    akha618 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a Nexus S 4g with Sprint. I heard that the update for 2.3.7 and Google Wallet has come out. I'm still stuck on 2.3.5 for some reason. I'm in the Austin area right now. Is there a reason to why my phone hasn't received any updates?:thinking:

  2. StealthTH

    StealthTH Well-Known Member

    Because it rolls out gradually, you can either update manually (visit the main thread on 2.3.7), or just wait for your OTA. If by this coming Monday you don't have the update then by all means ask again.
  3. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    Just got mine today. So it will show up when you least expect it....:eek:
  4. breeze009

    breeze009 Lurker

    I haven't received it either. I stopped at sprints store and said I will eventually get it and if I manually update it that would void my warranty. So I guess I am screwed by sprint for the 19th time. I really love them.
  5. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    Your lucky that anyone in the store even knows that...LOL

    I took my first phone in after setting up an appointment and when I arrived the first thing out of 5 diffrent peoples mouths were, "It's the network"
    I asked them if they knew what I was there for? Apparently not being I was having other issues. I told the idiots that their display models worked perfectly so how could it be the network? LMAO
    Sprint gives them a handbook that tells them to use that excuse.LOL

    My phone melted..... Sir it's the network....LMAO

    I'm not sure that the update fixed anything but it was suppose to add google wallet. Bad thing is it's limited to where you use it. Plus for now it works with MC and some prepaid card.
  6. mjw913

    mjw913 Newbie

    Finally saw the update push on Saturday afternoon. Installed without issue.
  7. ichibon

    ichibon Lurker

    I still haven't received the update yet
  8. dksnet

    dksnet Guest

    I received mine but I'm not sure what it actually updated. I thought it was for the NFC. Google Wallet

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