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May 26, 2011
hi all, the absolute number 1 thing for me about this phone was being able to use a USB keyboard to type emails instead of the infuriating touch screen keyboards. Since upgrading to ICS it no longer works.. Has anyone heard anything about this and whether its to be expected?
does anyone have any idea what might cause this? I tried my keyboard on a friends s2 the other day (also on ICS) and it worked fine, so I think I may have had a bad install somehow.
My phone also turns itself off and requires a battery pull at least once a day, as well as facebook and met office apps crashing and needing to force close constantly. Really wish I hadn't upgraded to ICS..
Have just noticed a simular problem. Befor ICS I could access and watch files off my GoPro with an OTG adapter. Since ICS nada....
You could try a Bluetooth keyboard as there are a few available on the market that do work with ICS devices one being the Freedom Pro portable Keyboard.

Freedom Pro Keyboard

It is well worth the money being the perfect size, wireless and portable with it's own carry pouch.:)

Cheers. ;-)