No Video playing in Email App

Hello Everyone.

New to Android OS.

Have a Galaxy Note II.
Have a hotmail email address.
Have synced my email app to my hotmail account.

When people email me videos they will not play or display in my email app.

Usually they are sending .mov, h.264, .flv or .mp4 video files. Nothing plays in the mail app. However they could text me the same video file and it seems to play fine.

Any help or thoughts is appreciated.



Extreme Android User
Check the file sizes (on the sending end, before they're sent. Anything over 25MB won't get sent as an attachment. They can put the file up on Dropbox or some other cloud location and email the link to the file.

"Texting" a file (it's not SMS - if there's a file it becomes MMS) works that way. The file is saved in temporary storage, and your text app is sent the location of the message (assuming your phone is MMS-capable - if not, all you get is the text message). if you click the link, your WAP browser is called to download and display it.

It has nothing to do with Android, hotmail, Galaxy or the file type. It's the difference in the way email and MMS work.

It's not phone-specific, it's protocol-specific, but I don't think we have a "MMS vs. email" section.