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no visual voicemail on G1?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by IOWA, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I just noticed theres no visual voicemail on the G1, and it has android 1.6 ... which is supposed to be an upgrade of 1.5, which my samsung moment has, and DOES have visual voicemail! So why doesnt the G1 have visual voicemail? What handsets dont have it?

  2. I have a myTouch. When I was running Android OS 1.5 I did have Visual Voicemail. And 1.6 also can run the Visual Voicemail app.

    These steps assume you are on T-Mobile:

    1. Make sure you have the Android Data Plan (inlcudes Visual Voicemail at no charge).

    2. From the Android Marketplace on the phone search for: T-Mobile Visual Voicemail (free). Install app.

    3. Make sure your phone IS NOT CONNECTED TO WI-FI! Visual voicemail only works over a phone data connection: GPRS (G), Edge (E), 3G (3G).

    4. Open the Visual Voicemail app. It should say something like "This is the first time you opened the app do you want to setup Visual voicemail." Follow the first time prompts.

    5. If you still cannot access the visual vicemail from the app, you may need to contact cust service to enable the feature. I did have to do this with T-Mobile. Since then it works fine.

    6. If you are Wi-Fi and get a voicemail, you will get an alert that you have a standard voicemail. This is okay. Just... stop your Wi-Fi- connection... open visual voicemail app... under Menu click Synch Inbox. You should now be able to access visual voicemail.

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