No voice with direct Navigation link


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So - I *love* Google Maps with Navigation and I just recently upgraded to the new version of maps where it gives you a direct link to Navigation.

My issue though is that I do not have any voice navigation when I start Navigation directly but I do have it when I just go through the regular Maps link and then select Navigation in there.

I checked the menu and it is not muted. The sounds is also set to high. As I said, the sound works perfectly well if I go through the main app. Just not with the new direct link.

Anyone else seeing this or worked this out?




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For anyone else using this App - do you have spoken word directions?

Sorry for bumping this up - just can't imagine I am the only one who this is an issue for.


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I'll try to remember to give it a try on the way home tonight. So far, I've only used navigation by starting in Maps.