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No volume control over hdmi mx3-g

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by Marcolau, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Marcolau

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    First of all hi all , and I m new to the forum so if I misplaced the thread sorry in advance.

    I have a mx3-g tv box , it came with android 5 connected to the tv via hdmi.
    Now the problem is the following when I watch ( from a pen , dlna or hd) if it is a divx mpeg or mp3 I have no problem whatsoever.
    When I play an mkv ( whith digital audio tds or dolby) the volume can not be changed .

    If I press on the remote the volume down or up button I get the scrolling bar of the volume and it moves up and down accordingly with the button i press but the volume level does not change at all.

    I temporarly downgraded to android 4.4 and it all works well without a single issue , so I assume it is and adroid 5 bug?

    I also tried android 5.1 same identical issue.

    The only settings I get for the volume is ....system sounds on /off , digital audio auto, pcm ,hdmi ,raw which I obviously set to hdmi.

    Has anyone encountered the same issue ?

    Is there a solution to it ?

    Thanks in advance

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