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no way to answer phone calls

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by unoandroid, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. unoandroid

    unoandroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    when my phone rings i push the green button but nothing happens. if i push the red button the phone call is over. never answered a phone call since i bought it. any clue? thx

    besides, I was said there is a manual to refer to, but where is? thx

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  2. eaiello1086

    eaiello1086 Newbie

    Are you pressing and sliding the green button? You need to slide it to answer it. Just like you slide to unlock the phone. Hope this helps.
  3. PiscesCloud

    PiscesCloud Android Enthusiast

    Hold your finger on the green button for a moment then move it to the right. It is a little tricky so you may find it better to configure the phone so that pressing the 'Home' key ie the middle, one answers the call. Go to 'Settings/Call/Call answering/ending' and tick the box alongside 'Answering key'

    I got my manuals from the Samsung website at :=

  4. unoandroid

    unoandroid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thx guys u solved my problem
  5. I had the same problem the first time I tried to answer the phone. I figured it out, but it is not that intuitive.
  6. Bodestone

    Bodestone Android Enthusiast

    It's not at all tricky once you know how to do it but I must also admit to sitting there prodding the button repeatedly with no luck the first time. The answer came to me in a dream that night and I was successfully able to turn the alarm off.

    I do think, once you know, it is a very good answer method. Both really easy to use while being difficult to hang up or answer by mistake.
  7. Bodestone

    Bodestone Android Enthusiast

    Since this, 2 other people I know have both sat jabbing the button repeatedly until the call stops ringing before going and reading the manual.

    I think that all Samsung phones should come with one of those peel of plastic sheets on the screen with images of the answer and hang up circles, an arrow and big text, Drag from icon to answer.

    It is a great system but I would love to see a poll of how many users new to both Samsung and Android missed their first call.
  8. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Android Enthusiast

    Slightly bizarre. I'm downloading the English version and it's in Russian. :thinking:

    Correction: The top 'English' download is the Russian version, the second one down (dated May 2012) is the English version.
  9. PiscesCloud

    PiscesCloud Android Enthusiast

    Which one made the most sense?
  10. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Android Enthusiast

    The Russian one, obviously! :p
  11. zds

    zds Newbie

    @ Bodestone: I know that I have to slide the button, the trouble is that when I'm busy and distracted I temporarily forget and my frustration level builds until I manage to answer the phone. Or lose the call.
  12. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    For me it's trouble answering the phone when I only have one hand free. Holding it securely, and sliding my thumb far enough without it falling out of hand is tricky.
  13. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Android Enthusiast

    That's the reason I enabled the 'answer call with home button'. Much easier.
  14. newbie4

    newbie4 Well-Known Member

    This is a special feature I like and persons not familiar just keep touching it but cannot answer it is my phone I just turn my back to them and answer the call. I even had someone poking on the screen then after a while ask how do you turn it on.

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