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No Write Access in the FRG22 ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sranger, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. sranger

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    PDroid3 did a great job getting us a FRG22 rom, but after installing it, I have no write access to the system files. The ROM works find except for the Pandroa Streaming quality issue. I know how to fix it, but cannot seem to edit the /system/build.prop file. I have tried Astro and ADB. Basically I get permission denied with any file commands or remount in ADB. I have two questions.

    1) Can I simply edit the build.prop file and re-load the ROM with Rom Manager or is there some form of file checking ( like a checksum ) that would prevent me from making this simple change to the build.prop file in the update.zip. ( Basically you change true to false on an entry in the file).

    2) Is there a way to gain write access to this file another way?


    *** UPDATE ***

    Nevermind, I found out that you can edit the file with root explorer.......

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