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Nokia 7 android phone not responding to "Hi google" ( When hands free)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Brian123923, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Brian123923

    Brian123923 Lurker
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    Hi, I have a Pixel 3A phone and a Nokia 7 Android phone,
    I can use Voice command with Google Pixel 3A smoothly in hands free mode, its really good, i mean I can just use voice command like" Hi google". without using hands, then Pixel phone will respond to me and get things done, thats incredible,

    i was trying to get my other Android phone - Nokia 7 to respond to " Hi google" hands free, so I installed Google newest version, and Google Assistant, i tried and tried, but I just can Not get it to respond to me when I say " Hi Google" to wake it up, assistant on Nokia android phone works when i tap assistant to manually start it, but it is not what I want, i want it to respond to me hands free,
    whats the solution?

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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Try these first?

    {I turned off Voice Match - Hey Google on my Nokia 7 Plus)

    open the Google app
    Tap .... More on bottom right
    then Settings

    Go to both Voice
    and Google Assistant

    Screenshot_20200804-121829.png Screenshot_20200804-121916.png Screenshot_20200804-121850.png
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