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Nokia 9 - should I wait for v2?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by peterh337, Mar 1, 2019.

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    You can pre-order it on their website. It says 1st April 2019 for first shipments.

    The Q is whether it is likely to be usable. Normally I would not buy v1.000 of anything.

    The reviews suggest it is really good, but with some rough edges.

    It runs Android One - is this really android v10 or some such? I am wondering about general app compatibility.

    I also wonder if anyone knows more about the image export options. Clearly it will have the special version of Lightroom on it (downloadable for free) which will process the RAW images into a jpeg. What is not known is whether the phone will generate a single RAW image also, for traditional processing in Lightroom on a PC.

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    Android One is pure Android. Not messed around with by phone manufacturers and filled with bloatware.
    You can be sure that Android apps will run on Android One.
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