Nokia X20 - HBO GO choppy video and audio


I purchased Nokia X20 and I have problem with HBO GO app. Video and audio is choppy. All other apps are ok - Netflix, Youtube etc. It's not related to internet connection because video is choppy also in offline mode. I also tried to reinstall app and make factory reset - without success. On my old Nokia 7.1 HBO GO works well. I tried to look at DRM settings via DRM Info and I am little bit confused about "Supported Hardware Decoder" compared with Nokia 7.1 - please see the attachment. Could it be the reason of my issue? Is it a bug? Is Nokia X20 capable to play HBO GO videos? I hope yes - for this money.


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I would suspect the issue is with the HBO Go app itself, and nothing to do with your phone. The developers more than likely didn't compensate for the app to run smoothly on all devices. Your best bet is to contact the developer of the app and see what happens.