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Aug 21, 2010
Sorry can't find a nokia thread, someone please re direct if need be.
My husband has a nokia windows phone. When he bought it I don't know WHY he got it cos he is not good with stuff like that, but supposedly it was an amazing phone. He brought it home to set up and none of us could work it, so he had to go back to the shop to the GEEK SQUAD who set it all up. The phone broke a few weeks back and it's been in the shop for repairs he has it back and it's been totally reset. So he has lost all his settings. You have to set up a Microsoft account but every time I do that it says error and gives an error code. FFFFFE70. I've tried googling solutions but can't find anything. Just wonder if anyone can point me somewhere to try and sort it or will he have to go back to the GEEK SQUAD? It's a horrible phone!!