Mar 7, 2011
Phoenix, AZ
(per the request on the home page.)
I'm a realtor of several decades experience. Bound and determined (a) never to become a dinosaur technologically, and (b) To keep in action my central philosophical core belief that how many times the earth has revolved around the sun is completely immaterial to who/what I am. Sure as I get older, I may have to use my 38 instead of my fists, but Man is a tool developing being... and as such I am merely demonstrating proclivities of our species.

Anyway and seriously, For years I use real estate software called 'Top Producer.'

They have a mobile version Which works with Blackberry and Windows. No droid yet.

I'm going to wind up either rejoicing as they develop a droid version, or putting together my own suite of apps and gadgets to replace it.

Before the phone was the detail... now the work done on it is. LOVE MY DROID-X.