Apr 10, 2012

I'm a NOOB : 9th degree so please cut me some slack:)

From what I've seen and read so far this is a very informing site.
And if you know where to go to find something that's shared to.

Basically I've got a exhibit II and want to root it at some point.
I'm still going through all the info to make sure to do it right the first time

So if anyone has some encouraging words on the best way to proceed I'm all ears...

On to me. I'm married for 34 years w/2 grown kids and 2 Grandsons and we love them all.
I was a carpenter for most of my adult life and at 44 a scaffolding collapsed under me and I ended up a T4-T8 paraplegic. Wheelchair bound for the last 13 years aint life grand?

We spend all summer at our lake place and do some fishing and other things around the area. We have the most fun when our kids come up and go out on the pontoon boat w/200 HP Evinrude that my sons ski behind as I drive.
I was an avid water skier and rode our Sea-Doo for hours at a time before my injury.
We also fish from the boat and this year attempt to teach the 3 year old grandson how to fish. That should prove to be a major challenge.

I have a '98 Firebird Trans Am w/Ram Air convertible. It's triple white in color. White body, white top and white leather interior.
Plus I did some engine and suspension mods. The dyno/tune up showed 360 RWHP which comes to about 450hp at the flywheel. Which adds up to a kick in the pants fun car to drive.

Other wise I lead a pretty normal life of retirement with my wife.
Hello, exhit2. :ciao:

First, let me say..Welcome to the community. Second, here is a nice quote to read:
If your ever going to root your device, remember to do your homework before attempting it. The more you know, the more successful you'll be in rooting your device and not bricking it. Bricking is a term used when a phone's software has been tampered with to the point where it is no longer functional and in turn assumes the functionality of a brick.
. Third, here is a thread that you might be interested in reading: http://androidforums.com/exhibit-4g...8-anyone-root-samsung-exhibit-ii-4g-t679.html.

Fourth and last, but not the least. Enjoy your time here.
Thank you Rush for your welcome and info. Any and all is welcomed like I said NOOB:)

Thanks again