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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fijphil, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. fijphil

    fijphil New Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 1, 2010
    Richmond, VA
    Hey all, My name is Phil, and Ive had my droid X for about 3 weeks now :D

    Im 21, in college, and a complete ****** when it comes to geek stuff haha. I want to learn though, and i figure this is a good place to do it :) I love my phone. but it confuses me. And Ive had some issues that Ive seen a lot of other people have had since i updated to froyo.

    My biggest issues are my gmail dosent seem to be getting new emails to my phone, the text messages being all goofy, and I dont really like the way the screen will rotate to view the other landscape way.

    Ive seen people talk about doing a factory reset.. what exactly does that do? And will i lose my contacts and such? Also, what does it mean to root a phone? I looked around but couldnt seem to find any answers... Thanks for putting up with my noobness haha.


  2. eraursls1984

    eraursls1984 Well-Known Member

    Sep 7, 2010
    As long as you have your Google account synced to your phone it will back up your contacts. The reset helps rid your phone of 2.1 settings that hinder 2.2. There is a specific way to reset to make it more efficient, I put a link below. Root is getting root access/superuser access(hacking your phone to improve its already impressive functionality)

    Guide to s proper factory reset
  3. appleboy

    appleboy Active Member

    Aug 11, 2010
    Hi Phil! Welcome to the club. What eraursls1984 is exactly right. I have 2.2 but have not done a factory reset and I'm running fine. Start there. Once you feel good about your understanding of the stock device, go for root.
  4. bobomatic

    bobomatic Well-Known Member

    Jul 17, 2010
    Bullhead City AZ
    Welcome Phil.. since your new to all this you may wanna wait till a 2.2 SBF is out. (search the X forum) before you get to crazy with your phone... if you Brick your phone before 2.2 SBF is out, your stuck with a dead phone..the first step is rooting, I dont believe you can brick your phone doing that..(95% sure) do a search here...
    Droid X - All Things Root - Android Forums
    tons of root stuff...The thing is once you have root access (access to files and sys stuff motorola doesnt want you in) then a wrong turn can brick your phone..
    people here are pretty cool, just ask questions. but since your a FNG..:) i suggest do a search first. most "noob" questions have been asked. then if you get stuck/cant figure something out..
    once again...WELCOME
  5. sund0wn

    sund0wn Well-Known Member

    Aug 10, 2010
    I work in an office. It has a window, but it isn't
    In a house, near some mountains.
    as the others said -- welcome.

    if you are having problems, a factory reset is always a good thing to try. often there are other options to fix a problem, but factory resets can often fix issues you are having.

    as far as the gmail issue, go to settings -> battery manager -> battery mode, and make sure you are not in a battery mode that is disabling data from coming thru. i highly doubt that is the issue, but the default setting stops email from coming in at night to save battery in case you dont have it on the charger.

    second, go back into the main settings menu, and go to the data manager section. make sure all three checkboxes are checked.

    last, go to my accounts, and remove the gmail account altogether (long press on the account to delete it), then try re-adding it. the reason i suggest this before the factory reset, is because if you arent getting emails, there is a chance contacts arent syncing either.

    the text message issue is a common thing. moto "says" there is a fix coming for it. try downloading handcent. it is better than the stock messaging app anyway, and the newest release seems to have fixed that for me. i doubt doing a factory reset will fix this, so if your email has been solved by now, i wouldnt do the reset.

    finally, if your email still isnt working, to do the factory reset:

    menu -> settings -> privacy -> factory data reset.

    doing this will wipe your phone to out-of-the-box settings (but on 2.2). when you log back into gmail, contacts will come back. if you have paid for any apps, you will have to download them again, but you wont have to pay.

    ps, there is also one other way to do a factory data reset:

    while the phone is off, hold the home button, then power on. let go of the home button after about 5 seconds, and you should see a little logo on the screen you havent seen before. hit the search button, and it will bring up a list of options. you want to select the one that says something like, clear data. you can scroll up and down with the menu buttons, and select the one you want with the camera button. if your phone ever seems wonky, sometimes just clearing the cache can help.

    i hope this wasnt too long and boring (if you even saw it), and i hope it was helpful. i know the guys before me gave you some great answers to the questions, but i wanted to try to hit it all in one stop instead of linking you all over the place.

    pps. as for rooting, it's an android/linux term that basically means you have administrator privileges (in windows terms). see, android phones dont allow you to access system files. so beyond just installing apps there, it doesnt allow you to alter anything else. root allows those things. so, there are apps out there (like wireless tether, screen capturing apps, apps that allow you to monkey with the processor's clock speed, etc.) that need to be able to change system files, and being "rooted" allows that. it also allows you to eventually do other things, like change the way certain things look, like fonts, status bar color, status bar icons, etc. those are things you may learn down the road, but like it was said before, the root section of this forum is an awesome place to learn about all that stuff. but on that note, if you feel like you dont understand something, dont feel like you shouldnt ask, just because it has already probably been talked about. any questions you ever have, dont hesitate to ask here.

    good luck, and happy droiding.

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