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Noob Alert!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PrinceCorwin, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Hi, all...

    I'm an LG Spectrum owner who, after 5 replacements from VZ, will be getting a Droid RAZR HD next week. I guess they finally got sick and tired of hearing from me. lol

    Well, anyway, I figured I drop an early Hello. I'll browze around your threads for the next couple of days to get a feel for the workings of the device.

    BTW... how's the root experience in RAZRland?

  2. pegs520

    pegs520 Well-Known Member

    Root is available to everyone before the latest updated.

    If you unlock boot loader, you'll find there's a relatively limited ROM selection.

    There's a few dedicated RAZR HD/maxx ROMs, and then a whole bunch of unofficial/port roms. Many of them have issues with Bluetooth. I don't use Bluetooth, so I'm having fun flashing different ROMs.
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  3. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So I should be getting the RAZR tomorrow (Tues). From what I've read, I SHOULD NOT take the latest OTA, correct?

    Do you think the phone will already have the update? I know when I've gotten my most recent LG Spectrum replacement, it already had the latest OTA.

    And if it does have the update, am I screwed as far as rooting and ROMing are concerned?

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