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noob at Droid Eris I have questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GameCube_Dude, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. GameCube_Dude

    GameCube_Dude Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok, I'm just saying now don't use any big technical mumbo jumbo with me because I'm a noob with the Droid and I need help. :thinking:

    1. How do I turn on the vibrate when I'm typing? It was on the first day, but now it isn't. It has some typewriter sound and I don't really like that.

    2. So far, I've called 2 of my friends by an accident when my phone was in my pocket. I was sitting in class and my friend was right next to me and he's like "you're calling me" and I'm like ?? so how do I fix that problem. It's kinda getting annoying for my friends and me

    thanks for any help

  2. alk1

    alk1 Member

    Go to the market and download call confirm and that will no longer be a problem. Good Luck.:D:D:D:D:D
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  3. Beris

    Beris Lurker

    Call Confirm sounds like a good app.

    Not Call Log is another app that helps prevent unwanted dialing. After making a call, it puts it on another screen. I have mine set to go to the main home screen and I have virtually eliminated unwanted dialing.
  4. Adam63impala

    Adam63impala Well-Known Member

    yeah my phone will be in my pocket and call someone everyday. someone i have never called before. i dont understand that one
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  5. GameCube_Dude

    GameCube_Dude Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the help guys I got the app call confirm. can anyone help me with my sound/keyboard problem now?
  6. From your home screen hit menu, settings, language/keyboard, then hit touch input, then text input. Scroll down and u can turn on/off sound and vibrating.
  7. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    Why not use the swipe lock? I never pocket dial with that.
  8. sabakawasaki

    sabakawasaki Newbie

    I used to have a big problem with pocket dialing and answering. I learned that if you face the screen towards the outside if your pocket, you shouldn't have a problem. I mow I haven't since I started doing this.
  9. Houstatlanavegas

    Houstatlanavegas Well-Known Member

    whats up Gamecube_dude welcome to the forum for most people with the new eris they go to this thread and it helps alot it helped me if you have about just an hour or two your phone will be exactly what you want after exploring this thread check it out let me know you can even Personal message me if need be..

    click here
  10. varkie

    varkie Android Enthusiast

    i got in to the habit of turning my screen off after every use that way i never pocket dial.
  11. vmcgrory

    vmcgrory Lurker

    I searched "Call Confirm" and got goofy named programs. Which one do I pick?
  12. alk1

    alk1 Member

    The app is actually called call confirm go to the market and search for: Call Confirm . It should be listed there. Good Luck :D:D:D:D:D
  13. DroidJW

    DroidJW Guest

  14. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Close the dialer app (press the 'home' button) and also put your phone to sleep before putting the phone in your pocket. For me, that prevented pocket dialing.
  15. vmcgrory

    vmcgrory Lurker

    When I search, I get these choices: Call Widget Quad, Apriti Sesamo, JobPost, Bemyfriend, Zwoop

  16. Kevkelsar

    Kevkelsar Android Enthusiast

    Which version are you on? 1.5, leaked 2.1v1, leaked 2.1v2, leaked 2.1v3, OTA 2.1, or rooted?
  17. Haxcid

    Haxcid Android Enthusiast

    before it enters my pocket I put my phone into standby. Hit the call end button and the screen goes black...

    Never ever pocket dialed.
  18. vmcgrory

    vmcgrory Lurker

    I'm a Droid Newbie. How can I tell?
  19. Kevkelsar

    Kevkelsar Android Enthusiast

    Have you ever flashed one of the leaked version ROMs to your phone (you would know if you did this)? Or did you wait it out and simply receive the over the air update from Verizon?

    If you did flash one of the leaks, go to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Information and let us know your Firmware version, Baseband version, and Kernel version.

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