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Noob brick

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Beldrama, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Beldrama

    Beldrama Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I bricked my girlfriends phone and she's not very happy about it. I have been searching for answers and solutions to this brick but never found any.

    Both her and I have Samsung Galaxy S2 and I installed the latest Ice cream sandwich version without problem on my phone.

    So I tried on her phone without thinking. Either odin froze on "Setupconnection" or it gave me the "Fail" Message. So when the phone restarts we go into the "Phone - Triangle - Computer" Symbol but apparently I didn't need to go into download mode since Odin seemed to still recognize the phone. Another weird thing to note is that even though I turned off the phone it would turn on, on itself and still show the same symbol.

    So I went to this thread: (Ugh... Apparently I cannot post URL's for now... Pretty sure you are familiar with the XDA thread with the huge list of firmwares and kernels. I basically searched "Samsung galaxy s2 original firmware" and I got there.)

    Picked the XWLPD NEE (Nordic) Since I am from Sweden. Downloaded the .tar.md5 thing and the Kernel. Since it didn't install the .tar.md5 I figured you'd have to do the kernel before I could do the .tar.md5 in case it wouldn't recognize without it. So I did and the phone restarts with the Samsung Galaxy s2 GT-I9100G logo with on orange triangle underneath. Except it is frozen in that state. So only now I realize the differences between her and my phone and that is the 'G' part. Apparently that ice cream sandwich version is not compatible with 'G'?

    So I look into some unbrick tutorials and it mentions that you need to go into Download mode, I try it but it won't go there. It restarts when I turn the power off like before, except now, I cannot enter download mode to change things. I tried Vol-down + Power + Home, Tried Vol-up + Power + Home, Tried Vol-up + Vol-down + Power + Home and Vol-up + Vol-down + Power.

    Pretty much every combination you can think off. Tried removing the battery and re-inserting it but I just end up with the logo you get when you insert the charger while the phone is turned off (The one that shows you how much battery you have). When I restart the phone I get back to the samsung logo.

    Is there another way of entering the download mode? Is there a fix or is her phone broken now? What would the latest WORKING version be for the 'G' Version?

    I tried to look at most softbrick tutorials but as I mentioned, they want me to go into the download mode.

    I know this post was really long. I am not the type of guy who goes to forums to ask about problems like these since usually someone has already been through it. At this point I just found no other way but to post myself.

    Thanks in advance // Beldrama

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  2. Logan47

    Logan47 Android Enthusiast

    Yep, flashing the wrong variant firmware isn't a good idea. A USB jig may help you. It's a USB small connector designed to trigger download mode in these instances. You can get them on ebay for a very small sum....mine was

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