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Noob here, rooted and want to update. How?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jpleez, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. jpleez

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    I want the best for my phone and I know that many people have their own opinion as to what is the best, so I will do my best to determine what is the best for me based on replies. Essentially what I am pretty sure I know I want is the Froyo 2.2 update. But I have some questions first. Here are the specs for my phone to start:

    Originally my phone is from Verizon and it has been rooted and flashed and is working on MetroPCS. I paid for this service and have no idea about ANYTHING other than this below.

    Firmware Version: 2.1 (ESE 53)
    Baseband Version: C_01.3E.03P
    Kernel Version: 2.6.29-omap1-g1c56172-dirtyadamz@ubuntu #6
    Build Number: Smoked Glass v6.0

    My questions are:

    Can I update without losing my apps and their functions that I currently have installed?

    Will I lose all of my contacts?

    Will I lose all of my text messages?

    Will I lose my internet and pic messaging capabilities, this is notorious for MetroPCS users?

    I think these are the most important questions that I have.

    Now EXACTLY what do I need to do to update?

    I know various parts of my questions have been answered in various threads due to my searching, but my concern is I truly don't know if my situation is unique or not because I am on another carrier and I dont understand if I have to have a different ROM first, I just plain and simply don't understand and I so badly want to. I am good at following specific instructions, but I have to be treated as a complete and total newbie as I am :(

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    See above ^^^

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