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Noob, Incredible 2.1 questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 20phileagles, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. 20phileagles

    20phileagles Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My Incredible is Ver. 2.1 and radio 1, what is the procedure for installing roms? Can I just install any 2.2 rom right away or do I need to find a 2.1 somewhere then upgrade? Sorry, I just don't understand and I've been reading up on this for a few days. I think I understand that the Incredible will release a 2.2 update soon, do I need to wait for that. In my adventures so far, I've been able to pretty much master backing up my phone as I've had to restore it several times now, haha. Your help is appreciated.

  2. TheWhiteBandito

    TheWhiteBandito Android Enthusiast

    You can use ROM Manager (it's in the market), it makes the whole process extremely simple. But if you want to try it the other manual way, download the zip to your sd card, reboot into recovery, make a nandroid backup, then wipe your phone storage and cache, install the zip file.

    You do not need to find a 2.1 and then upgrade. If you use ROM Manager though, the process is painless and pretty straight forward.
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  3. ITofOne

    ITofOne Newbie

    So far I have taken the factory incredible load and rooted it using the unrevoked tool. I've played with some root apps and now i'm ready to play with froyo. The thing is I want to be able to go back to the factory load at anytime. I'm not sure if I like the vanilla or sense interface better so I was thinking about trying the OTA leak and Cynogen 6. The question is how easy is it to switch between ROMS and is it possible to go back the factory load so I could get the official OTA Froyo update (for if and when I get tired of playing with root)? I keep reading that loading Froyo requires an update of the radio previous to loading the ROM. Is the radio downgraded automatically if you installed the original factory ROM again?

    Anyone recommend another ROM for me to try?
  4. najaboy

    najaboy Android Enthusiast

    Before installing one of the actual Froyo ROMS, you'll need to upgrade your radio per the instructions posted elsewhere in the forum. If you're rooted, you need to unroot to upgrade the radio, and the reroot using unrevoked.

    All things considered, this is all something you shouldn't be doing until you've read everything that you can on the subject and feel utterly comfortable taking the next step.
  5. najaboy

    najaboy Android Enthusiast

    No, the radio iis not automatically downgraded. You'd need to downgrade your HBOOT using the instructions posted elsewhere in the forum.
  6. welbinator

    welbinator Android Enthusiast

    yes you can easily switch between roms. everytime you install and load a new rom, if you like it, go into rom manger and select backup current rom. name it something that makes it obvious which rom that is for future reference.

    you can go into rom manager and either select install rom from sd card, if you've downloaded a rom off the internet, or you can select download rom, and select from 3 different roms, cyanogenmod, skyraider, or jagerrom, (jagerrom is hilarious). or you can go to managed and restore backups, and select a backup you've made.

    coupe things to note, when installing a fresh ROM through rom manager, always select wipe data and cache. (this does not apply to kernels, when isntalling a kernel do NOT select wipe data and cache).

    you can run froyo right now without the radio update, you just won't have a camcorder. they did finally get the camera working and everything else is stable (atleast on the cyanogenmod6 test8 rom, that's the only froyo rom i've run for an extended period of time). if you update the radio, you can try skyraider (if you're the kinda guy who's into sense) or jager (if you hate sense, like me) and everything should work, including the camcorder.


    when updating your radio, there are two things you must not do. do not ever take your battery out. Not until it's painfully obvious the whole process is over. if your screen is blank and you feel like it's frozen, DO NOTHING. let it sit overnight if you have to. if you remove the battery your phone will be a brick. also, do NOT under any circumstance apply the update.zip twice. once the radio is updated, and everything is good to go, get into your SD card and remove the update.zip file. if you apply the update.zip twice I hear that will also brick your phone.

    most important thing regarding roms, backup backup backup!
  7. ITofOne

    ITofOne Newbie

    Since I don't know what HBOOT is can someone point me in the direction of the instructions on how to downgrade the radio if I want to go back to factory? I mainly just want to play with Froyo and see how I like the phone without SenseUI. I'm thinking Cynogen will be the best ROM for me to play with since I am familiar with it from my G1 days. The camcorder isn't a big deal at this point. I mainly just want to play around with it. If I decide that I love Cynogen way more than the stock ROM what are the steps I need to perform to update the radio so that the camcorder will work?

    I currently have a nandroid backup of my phone the way it currently sits now (stock rom that's been rooted with a few apps installed). If I were to install Cynogen and didn't like it I'm assuming I could just restore my nandroid backup to get back to what I have now. Is that correct?

    How difficult is it to install Cynogen? It sounds like I can do it through ROM Manager but the version that is listed on there is 5.0.8 test4. My understanding is that I would need Cynogen 6 for Froyo.

    Take it easy on me. I am new to this and I don't entirely understand how all the pieces work together.
  8. ITofOne

    ITofOne Newbie

    Wow that procedure looks a little complex. There isn't an easier way?

    If I do decide to load Cynogenmod (without loading the radio update) and decide I don't like it is it a simple matter of restoring my nandroid update?

    I have been doing some reading and it looks like the Skyraider ROM is the best ROM to use since it has both the sense and vanilla interface. From what I have read it looks like its also is bug free and everything works 100%. I'll load it as long as I have the ability to go back to stock if I want to.
  9. ITofOne

    ITofOne Newbie

    I'm confused. You said that I downgrading using this method wouldn't downgrade the radio. http://androidforums.com/all-things...ideo-howto-unroot-incredible-downgrading.html

    But now after reading the thread cuban sent it looks like downgrading the rom will downgrade the radio as well.

    Don't they both say to use the PB31IMG.zip file?
  10. najaboy

    najaboy Android Enthusiast

    Pay attention to the additional steps that are detailed in the thread cuban linked.
  11. ITofOne

    ITofOne Newbie

    Are these the correct directions? Is this the absolute easiest way to do this? All all the steps correct and complete or are there steps missing?

    1. Download and unzip the files I have attached to this thread and put them somewhere that you can push them with adb. (here) I put them in c:\sdk\tools\

    2. You must used Unrevoked's latest tool to install clockwork. (This is after everything has been completed.. ignore this step).
    3. Boot into clockwork recovery, go to partitions, and mount data.
    4. Type this code:

    adb push flash_image /data
    adb push mtd0.img /data
    adb shell
    chmod 777 /data/flash_image
    cd /data
    flash_image misc mtd0.img
    adb reboot oem-78

    Watch for your phone to reboot to a silver HTC logo.

    Then type:

    fastboot devices

    Verify your device shows up... mine said H************** (random numbers and letters)

    I skipped the RUU completely... Follow my steps now.

    1. Download this file (PB31IMG.zip) from any one of these links: One Two Three


    3. Boot into HBoot by removing the battery and putting it back in. Now hold the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time.

    4. The phone will recognize the PB31IMG.zip file and restore everything.

    **NOTE** During the restore... my screen turned off and the phone rebooted and started the restore again.. I freaked because I thought it was in a boot loop. Just let it do its thing. Don't remove the battery or anything! Once everything is complete, it will ask you to reboot.

    5. Done!!! Have a beer.

    6. Now you can continue with the normal Unrevoked 3 Root as normal.


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