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(NOOB Needs HELP) Partitioning.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SourBacon, Jan 16, 2016.

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    I own an old rusty N7000. It had Gingerbread in it.

    1.) Gingerbread is fast. Stable. No issues here.
    2.) Okay. UI is too bland. Lack of apps that support Gingerbread. Upgraded to 4.1.2 official.
    3.) Discovered that it had a brick bug. Flashed a safe kernel that contained a custom recovery (philz)
    4.) Downloaded OFFICIAL 4.4.4 CyanogenMod. Flashed through Philz.
    [Above was a year ago]
    5.) Found it on my drawer. Upgraded it to Nightowl 12.1 via recovery
    6.) Remembered the reason I hid it. Storage space.

    Please take a look at the screenshots I have provided.

    1.) 2016_etc.. Shows my partitions. I currently own a 16GB retail that now has 2GB internal storage and an 8GB SdCard that cannot be detected by some apps. 2016_01_16_21.22.13.png

    2.) Shows how the partitions are detected in settings:
    settings.png settings2.png

    3.) Viper4Android fails to recognize external storage (yes, Busybox is installed correctly.) Observe the status bar. Normal screenshot failed. Throws an error saying that space was critical, etc., so I had to download a third party app to save screenshots to the external memory card.

    4.) Gallery and camera (stock) fail to recognize SD Card. Screenshots do not work as it keeps saying that space was critical (obviously didn't detect SD as well, so I had to download a third party screenshot app and give it root access) not only that, the gallery can read the photos and videos of course and was about to process the thumbnails:

    To sum things up:

    1.) I need help in fixing the messed up partition tables. Please.

    2.) Why do some apps not detect the SDcard? My S7582 running Sandpox's Cm12.1 works flawlessly with it. Also A Z3 walkman premium port by an XDA member reads the SDCard just fine. I can listen to some tunes with it.

    3.) Downloading apps from the play store is fine. Didn't test apps that weigh 30.00MB + though.

    4.) Stock internet app cannot download anything.

    5.) CM Browser can download files to internal memory, but gets corrupted. Changed download location to extsdcard and it solved the corrupting of files.

    Please help. New member here. I googled and found nothing specific. If this question has been asked already, I apologize.

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