May 26, 2011
Just got a Droid X2 - my first Android phone

I'm trying to get rid of the pre-installed bloatware. I've read every thread in this forum. I enabled USB debugging and installed Gingerbreak 1.2. I ran Gingerbreak, and the Superuser app appeared after my phone restarted. I then downloaded the paid versions of root explorer and titanium backup ... however neither one seems to have the permissions to alter files. The files are still marked as "read-only". Titanium backup says that it can't acquire root privileges. Root Explorer gives me the "read-only" error when I try to rename the Blockbuster app.

Right now, when I open Superuser it says that GingerBreak and Root Explorer both have Superuser privileges. I can allow or deny privileges to these two programs which are on the list (currently allowed), but I don't know how to add additional programs.

Any help would be appreciated!