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I have a very dumb question which I probably already know the answer to, but I haven't found anything online to answer it. every guide to building android requires it to be built from source or some other "base" ROM (from what I've found, anyway). can it be done WITHOUT source code or stock ROM? like, building a complete ROM ENTIRELY from scratch. I realize it would take A LOT of work, but I was just wondering if it could be done, and to what extent one could do so. and if someone could point to a guide I probably haven't seen before, it will be greatly appreciated. thank you for putting up with my dumb question. :)

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It can their is no such thing that it isnt impossible but it will be hard since it is easier to implemented apps as system apps but hard to code each file one by one to have the os to reconize the apps and have the system up and running correctly but yes it can but better off using a base rom then doing it from scratch hope that solves your question


It would be hard even for whole team of skilled workers. It is natural thing for OS to evolves from scratch to 'stable' version, not just to become. If you think about it, you can notice that all systems today exists on early 80' code. New thing comes with new hardware and infrastructural technology not by great software ideas..