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ive flashed cm 10.1 nightly grouper and everything is fine except i get a forcloser of the gapps have unexpectedly stopped,i just click ok and seems all is fine,my ? is,is it just a bad gapps download or ? im still checking cm 10 out,havent tried anyother roms or kernels,but any help would be grateful,ty you all on this forum!!!! ty u all for your dedication!!!! :thinking:


It could be a bad download. If redownloading gapps doesn't work, try going to the specific thread that u downloaded cm10 from and try out the link for gapps that they provided (if they did) if all else fails then wipe user data and all the caches and reinstall the ROM and then gapps. Just make sure that u reboot then system at least one time before you install gapps.....good luck


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What gApps did you DL? The wrong version will cause the issues you describe.

The latest probably needs the 2013 gApps.


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Download Rom and Gapps to your tablets "SD Card" and boot into recovery
Clear davlik cache
Wipe data/cache
Install your Cyanogenmod 10.1 Rom from the links below
Install Gapps 12/12/12 (linked below)
Boot into Rom
Sign in and wait for all market apps to Restore
After market apps have restored Reboot again
For new Nightlies use the build in CM updater.

[ROM] Cyanogenmod 10.1 nightlies Nexus 7 Grouper and Tilapia

thats the site i downloaded everything from,didnt think much bout the 12-12-12 gapps,figured it was updated to 12-12-13 gapps,by the way thanks for the feedback,will give it a try when i get the chance,ty guys again