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Noob - Unrevoked forever, froyo, 2.# radio, etc

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jsarcades, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. jsarcades

    jsarcades Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so i have been avidly reading threads since getting my dinc about a month ago. I have not asked any questions because mostly i have been able to find the answers on my own, but after the unrevoked forever release, i'm pretty confused...

    I'm running rooted with 2.1, 1.x radio.

    I would like to run a stable version of 2.2 and update the radio to 2.2

    My questions are these...

    1. Specifically what order do i do these things in ?

    2. Does unrevoked forever change the way this should be done?

    I'm very new to this, so a detailed "how-to" would be great.

    I'm sure there are other noobs in the same boat a me...

  2. crimton

    crimton Android Expert

    i'm not positive but i think you can just flash unrevoked forever now the way you are, then flash the newest radio. after that you will be able to flash any of the new 2.2 roms.
  3. jeffreycentex

    jeffreycentex Newbie

    Unrevoked Forever changes the way things are done forever...

    Once you are S-Off, you can flash the full radio image (that you can find elsewhere here) without worrying about trying to do the DIFF (the original OTA was a differential upgrade to the radio, thus why it would brick the device if run twice) (+ the whole process of unrooting, applying the OTA, then re-rooting, and so on and on).

    If you use adrynalyne's link, you'll get the latest Clockworkmod recovery, so you can flash any 2.2 ROM that you would like.

    (This isn't a detailed How-To guide, but I wanted to say how it all would work...)
  4. ArmchairBear

    ArmchairBear Well-Known Member

    Gotta help a fellow noob out.

    I just rooted my phone yesterday.

    At the point you are at here are the next steps in order:

    - Do a Nandroid backup using Clockwork Mod Recovery
    - Download Titanium Backup to backup all your apps and apps data
    - Flash Unrevoked Forever
    - Flash 2.15x radio
    - Install the froyo Rom that you want
    - Flash the custom kernel that you want (full functioning froyo requires a .32 kernel, some roms come with that kernel already)

    Make sure you DON'T flash the custom kernel before flashing a froyo rom. I made that mistake and it put me in a boot loop. (that can be fixed by restoring to your original rom from the nandroid backup)

    Hope that helps.

    Those more experienced, please feel free to jump in and correct me.
  5. thesalg

    thesalg Lurker

    Hey not trying to threadjack, but I have a similar concern. And since I have already flashed my phone with a custom kernal im not sure what to do now. Here is my setup currently:

    original stock 2.1-update 1 firmware, with original stock rom
    Hydra kernal v0.7 overclock with undervolt 1.113 w/n
    H-boot is 0.77.0000
    radio is at with custom recovery

    If I'd like to update to radio 2.15.xxxxx im not sure if I can safely or what should be done. Thanks
  6. lafester

    lafester Android Enthusiast

    as long as you have s-off you can go ahead and flash the new radio.
  7. thesalg

    thesalg Lurker

    Thanks, yes, I just did the s-off. I wasnt sure it was going to give me problems cause of my kernal. Its not the latest one. If i decide to try a froyo rom I would have to change the kernal than though right? Or if the 18th rumor is true, and I download the ota??
  8. lafester

    lafester Android Enthusiast

    Its hard to say how the kernal will react to the radio. it shouldn't be a problem but you could always flash the stock kernal first since its a quick process. yes you need the latest kernals for 2.2 roms and they seem to be very solid.

    to go to the ota i believe you will need to be stock just like the leaked ota but we won't know for sure until it is released.
  9. cuban11182

    cuban11182 Android Enthusiast

    I've read about some issues running the 2.15 radio with 2.1. If you do some searches you will see. Although the 2.05 radio didn't cause issues, I don't think you are able to flash it.
  10. cusjs

    cusjs Android Enthusiast

    Can unrevoked forever be done on a mac? I know I know a mac but its my fiances computer.
  11. Heelfan71

    Heelfan71 Well-Known Member

    yep, it's actually easier on a mac :) unrevoked select your phone and then select "download for mac".

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