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Noob with dumb questions driving me nuts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marblejay, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. marblejay

    marblejay Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So what is the diff between the home screen, the wallpaper, and the 'screen'? what goes away when I power off/turn off the computer? What is customizable to the 7 screens? It seems like the background needs to stay the same on all screens...is that the wallpaper or the layout?

    These seem like dumb questions but I'm stuck

  2. adiliyo

    adiliyo Lurker

    homescreen: the central screen of your 7 screens, it's the one that it will jump to when you hit the home button. (some people also call all of the 7 screens the home screen, but to me that doesn't make sense)

    wallpaper: the background that spans across the 7 screens

    screen: basically 7 desktops you can arrange widgets, icons, and folders on however you see fit. they are basically a 4x4 grid, with icons being 1x1 and widgets being of various sizes.

    the wallpaper will stay the same across all screens, but pans as you go between them (it will make sense when you see it)

    the layout is how you arrange your widgets and icons on each screen, they can all be different (and they should be, as it wouldn't make sense to have 7 of the same layout right? :p)

    i'm assuming you mean phone by computer, so when you power off the phone, everything is turned off, but all settings will remain the same when you turn it back on...not sure what the confusion is there...
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  3. jayefef

    jayefef Android Enthusiast

    What adiliyo said.

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