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Nook Color Rooted/ROMed issues and questions. Please help (searched)!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by just4747, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. just4747

    just4747 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys, lots of questions here I have found no answers to online. PLEASE help me, this should help some others. I have Deeper Blue's Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview v04 ROM installed on my NC:

    1. How do I get CWM installed on the device (able to boot into it from the NC itself whenever I want)? When I try to install with ROM Manager (current or old versions of CWM), it says "An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!" Nothing seems to fix this, I can't get CWM installed to device. I really want to be able to nandroid backup and restore on this because I want to try Froyo too.
    OR is CWM only usable on the NC right now by booting to it via SD card?

    2. Is there a fix or alternative to the stock Gallery on this ROM? Every time I try to open a pic in it, it force closes.

    3. When on WiFi, I think every time I try to play a YouTube video through the app or browser in HQ mode, it won't play. Usually standard quality works but even that fails sometimes. Any fix to this?

    4. I am rooted of course and the newer Superuser app is installed. For some reason every time I've ever run a root app on here, I've never seen the toast popup asking for root permissions and there are no Apps at all listed in the Superuser app itself. What gives? Why are there no apps listed there that have permissions? All root apps run fine though..

    5. No picture or video files seem to play in the included stock music app either.
    When I go to Gallery and then click a folder within to get to the media files, I get a message that says "The application Camera (process com.android.gallery) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. [Force Close button]. How can I view photos and videos easily in a Gallery app with this?
    5.a Since the above doesnt work for playing videos either, I try to open a video/movie files from within Astro and it says "Cannot play video Sorry, this video cannot be played." How can I play movies on this??? I'm surprised the music app even plays music to be honest...so far...

    6. Ever since doing all this rooting and ROMing to the NC, I have not once been able to plug the device in to my PC in mass storage mode, to manage the contents of the SD card inside. I have the drivers installed to make ADB work with the NC, but the NC does not seem to have any USB mode options at all when plugging in. There are no options to change among mass storage mode, pc mode, etc... so how do I mount and see the SD card without using a separate card reader? Is there any way to change USB mode and do this??

    7. I had one hell of a time installing regular Angry Birds. The Seasons version was in the market no problem, but regular AB was not showing up in the market. I couldn't download/transfer the apk file and install, as the install would fail every time. The only way I got it to work was to push the apk to the phone with ADB and then moving it into system/app. Then going in system/app with Root Explorer and clicking the apk and installing it (making it a system app and undeletable the normal way apparently). Why the hell did I have to go through this? I bet I won't even receive market updates on it will I? Can I install AB the normal way by any method??

    8. Does this HC build have any headphone EQ settings? I can't find any menu in the music app or in the NC settings that have any tweaks for sound.
    Also, when plugging headphones into the NC (I am using iPod ones), does anyone else have it so that you can't fully plug it in the jack (that's what she said lol)? There's still some of the headphone plug sticking out, although it seems to work fine if you plug it in just the right amount...almost like the jack doesn't go deep enough to fit the whole plug.

    9. What's the best way, if possible, to install Swype on the NC?

    10. Google Maps force closes ("has stopped unexpectedly..") every time I open...any fix??


  2. lafester

    lafester Android Enthusiast

    this is an alpha build of honeycomb. lots of stuff just doesn't work yet.
    be patient and wait or the next release and see if you like it.

    cwm is only available on sd
    try market for alternative gallery
    hq does not work on youtube
    don't mess with superuser on hc yet still a wip
    make sure your videos are formatted correctly. 854x480 mp4 i believe
    mass storage does not work on hc
    angry birds has trouble when it can't find sd
    no eq that i know of try market
    no swype
    not sure about maps. wipe cache/data try again. download from market etc.

    seriously all of this is posted in the hc threads at xda.
  3. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Yeah, 3.0 is NOT ready for daily use unless you can put up with all the broken stuff.

    I loaded it and played with it long enough to know that Honeycomb WILL eventually be stable on the NC. Probably have to wait for the source code from Google...but I have no doubts it will be very near to (if not 100%) functional.

    But after previewing it (DeeperBlue even calls it a "preview") I went back to the rooted 2.1 build.
  4. choke11

    choke11 Newbie

    I don't have honeycomb i have froyo 2.2.1 and it won't load on my nook now. It did yesterday and now it won't anyone have a clue why?
  5. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert

    we need to know more specifically everything you've done, as far as you can remember.
  6. choke11

    choke11 Newbie

    Well I was lazy and just bought an allready rooted sd card on ebay. It worked great all the apps worked on my nook I downloaded some it played angry birds fine. I did do an active wallpaper it was running fine I went out to dinner put the nook to sleep. I came home from dinner gonna show the wife how it works and it some how powered off. Turned it on and all it does is blink android like it is trying to load from the micro sd card but never does. If I hold down the n key it boots to normal nook but won't go into android mode.
  7. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert

    First things first, you got ripped off.

    Second, are you sure that its honeycomb you booted into or was it CM7? Can you link to the auction? The 'sleep of death' that was afflicting CM7 was only recently overcome and there have been scammers out there on ebay trying to sucker people in. You really don't need to use them, making the sd card to root is simple.

    Did the guy include instructions that mentioned anything about 'flashing', 'emmc', 'clockwork' ? What do you mean by 'android mode' ?

    What happens when you take the SD card out and try a normal boot?
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  8. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Amen to that! I hate people on eBay taking advantage of buyers like this. Rooting is something that you WANT to do for yourself. That way if something goes wrong, you know what you did, how to do it again, etc. I sold a rooted Droid on eBay but offered to walk them through any changes they wanted to make to the phone (return to stock, change ROM or kernel, etc.). It's hard to sound honest with so many dishonest people out there :rolleyes:

    When you powered off the device (or it crashed) and then powered it back on you left the SD card in didn't you? It sounds like it tried to root your device all over again on reboot (which is normal actually if you didn't reformat or remove that SD card).

    But please post any information you can (link to the auction as cabbie mentioned would be great). Just know that you are NOT hosed here! But now you are going to have to do this for yourself. We'll help you...and you'll be better off in the end for it ;)
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  9. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert


    The NC is unique in that theres just about nothing you can do to screw it up so bad, from a software perspective, that it can't be saved. Look at it like this: you have a very expensive SD card. We can tell you how to reformat that card and make it into something that works for you.

    I think it might be worth making a thread of these shady ebay auctions. I'm going to look into whether its even legal for them to do so since they are using the work of others to do so; in that way we could get them yanked. i think the code would need to be gpl licensed to make it work
  10. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Thats a good idea...but I'm afraid that most people who buy a "pre-rooted" sd card will see that thread AFTER they make a purchase so it won't serve as a good way of warning people. I don't think you will be able to get these removed from eBay. If you can sell a rooted phone on eBay, selling a rooted sd card would fit within the same regulations (or so I would think).

    But it's still not a bad idea to start a "watch out for eBay sammers" thread.
  11. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert

    consensus is that theres really no resort except direct complaints to ebay to get the auctions pulled, theres no recourse besides just complaining and hope they get pulled.
  12. choke11

    choke11 Newbie

    Where to begin first here is the listing Nook Color Froyo Android 2.2 8gb SD Rooted / DUAL BOOT - eBay (item 320661026216 end time Mar-23-11 20:53:06 PDT)

    It was not honeycomb on the sd card is was froyo. Yes he did give instructions with it. There are many the last few look the most important I had to go to applications then all tab then market then clear cache the force stop. He stated do not clear data. then go back to all tab select google services framework clear data ok to confirm the force stop. It did dual boot just fine well sorta the android part stopped working and i can hold down n and boot to a normal nc. He just emailed me a new uImage for the card but now all it does is say loading and doesn't work. UBRocked I thought it was safe to leave the sd card in because the posting on ebay said you could.
  13. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    $50 yikes! I just threw up a few listings at $34.99 to see if I can steal some of that business :D J/K

    Well, this is Froyo but the SD card did not "root" your tablet, it just allowed you to boot into a Froyo ROM that runs from the SD card.

    From the auction:
    Okay, so if you left this type of SD card in, it would just keep booting you into the Froyo ROM running off your SD card (which is not the way you would want to run it long term). For example, when Honeycomb is close to 100% functional, you wouldn't want a version that boots from the SD card...you'd want a version that replaces your Nook's original software (unless dual boot was important to you for some reason...).

    So why the SD card stopped doing what it should have...I don't know. You should be able to flash the image he sent you using WinImage (I'm guessing) but then...that's what you essentially paid him the $50 for...cause that's all he did to that SD card :rolleyes:
  14. choke11

    choke11 Newbie

    I need both because my wife has magazines on the nook and the nook app doesn't allow magazines on froyo may on honeycomb i don't know. winimage will not accept the image he gave me it says error reading file. I was able to save the image then copy onto the sd card like he told me to do but alas it still doesn't work. then he had me try to wipe the cache and wipe the dalvik cache that didn't help either. You should put them on ebay and make yourself some money there are idiots like me out there all the time lol.
  15. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Well if you want to dual boot...everything you need for that is here: [ROM] Flashable eMMC dual boot ROMs (Froyo, Honeycomb, Eclair, CM7) - xda-developers

    I'd just start over and work your way from the very beginning. And I don't think you're an idiot...people looking to make a quick buck are always there to tell you that's it's hard to do this on your own...it's not ;)

    I'd tell this eBay guy that you can't get it work...request a refund...run to the store and pickup an sd card (for MUCH less) :D
  16. choke11

    choke11 Newbie

    yea i'm getting the same idea i might forgo the refund just figure i payed double for an 8gb micro sd card and start over with it. may in the long run be quicker and less painful.
  17. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Android Expert

    Oh wow, you paid $50.00 for that? That is terrible and that seller should be banned from eBay.

    I honestly feel bad that you got suckered into that scam. You did not pay double either as it was more like quadruple what an 8 GB microSD card can go for online these days.
  18. choke11

    choke11 Newbie

    Hey guys which is the best method to use to try to set up a dual boot sd card for the nc. The guy is sending me a replacement for the one that didn't work (I know a waste of 50 bucks) but i want to try it for myself. I'm not totally incompetent but i do have noobish moments. Here are the two I found for all I know they may have me do the same thing but was just wondering. 1.How To Dual Boot Nook Color With Froyo On External Memory Card
    2. [ROM] Flashable eMMC dual boot ROMs (Froyo, Honeycomb, Eclair, CM7) - xda-developers
  19. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Well I can tell you that number two is what I'm running on my son's NC. works really good and both operating systems are loaded on internal memory so you don't have to worry about swapping out SD cards.
  20. choke11

    choke11 Newbie

    Do you have froyo and honeycomb? Or did you mean froyo and stock nc rom? Does it still boot from the sd card? I need it to because like I stated earlier magazines don't show up the b&n app and my wife has a magazine subscription she reads every month.
  21. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    I'm actually running stock 2.1 and honeycomb. My 6yr old wanted to play around some HC :D

    It doesn't boot from sd...it reformats a portion of the internal storage and loads it there. Makes it nice and easy to switch between the two OS versions. When powered off, just press the power button to boot normal. To boot to the secondary ROM, you simply hold the "n" while booting. You can have your second ROM being either Froyo, HC, or CM7.
  22. choke11

    choke11 Newbie

    Thanks I read that honeycomb isn't working the best is that still so? Or did they get those bugs fixed and also can you also flash that overclocking kernel too. So if I"m getting this right you flashed your nook with 2.1 froyo and when you hold the n key down you load honeycomb? Just want this to work great for my wife and really understand what i'm doing so I'm probably asking alot of dumb questions. You guys are great here and thanks for all the info you have given me.
  23. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Not exactly. I rooted my device a while back...that's step number one. Check the sticky threa dor links to do that. You don't lose any B&N functionality by rooting.

    After you root, follow the second link you posted earlier today. There you will find instructions to set up the dual boot. You can make the dual boot whatever you want. HC is not 100% functional yet for most people. Its just really for tinkering. You can install 2.2 as your second boot OS if you like.
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