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Root Nook Color rooting and rom guide... READ ME FIRST!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by colchiro, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. colchiro

    colchiro Android Expert
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    Jun 4, 2010

    Jun 4, 2010
    Web developer/IT
    Custom Roms
    How to replace the stock B&N rom with a custom rom, with the end result being an Android tablet, that can still read books with apps from Market.

    [Guide] How to install CM9 on your Nook Color
    (Most rom development for the NC is done by CyanogenMod. Directions for installing Ice Cream Sandwich on your Nook Color.)

    How to install CM7 on your Nook Color
    (Directions for installing or updating your NC with the latest CM7 stable build)

    Quick'n dirty upgrade your CM7 using Rom Manager
    (If you're already rooted, how to easily upgrade to a nightly or stable version of CM7)

    Installing Roms on the sdcard
    The Nook Color is different in that it boots off the sdcard first so you can leave your stock rom intact while you check out a custom rom. The main benefit is your warranty is intact. Otherwise this method is harder to repair should it become unbootable.

    Download and install CM7 to run off the SD Card
    (Create a bootable sd card with a version of CM7)

    Booting stock Nook software from SD!
    (How to copy your stock rom to the sdcard)

    How to hack the stock B&N nook, resulting in a reader that can also install most apps from Android Market. Not as nearly as nice as a custom rom, but might be preferred if you use your NC primarily as a reader and really like the stock software. Rooting give you admin privileges and allows you to alter system files or install apps not allowed with stock rom.

    How I rooted B&N 1.4.1 and got the Android Market to work
    (User submitted guide to root the most recent versions of B&N's stock rom.)

    How to root a version 1.3 NC
    (How to root a stock 1.3 or re-root after being updated to 1.3.)

    Portal:Nook Color - NookDevs
    (This is mostly pre 1.2 information, but there is still some good stuff here)

    Important guides you will want to check out.

    How to make a bootable CWM (ClockWorkMod) recovery or TWRP version sd card
    (How to make a bootable sdcard suitable for installing, updating or repairing your Nook Color. The TWRP recovery uses the touch screen instead of the volume, power and "n" buttons and can be used for the same things as the CWM version.)

    Titanium Backup 101
    (How to backup and restore apps with Titanium Backup)

    Wifi channel optimizing
    (How to get the most range out of your wireless router. Especially helpful if you live in an apartment or condo.)

    SD formatter_3.1
    (Utility to remove all partitions on your sdcard. Use this if you used your sdcard to dual boot or install a rom and now want to restore it to stock.)

    HP format tool
    (Another utility to remove all partitions on your sdcard.)

    How to pick your operating system
    (General information about the various Android operating systems available, choosing between root and rom and whether to install rom on eMMC or external SD card. Article was written before B&N 1.2 update, but still good information.)

    Back to Stock
    Take your rooted or customized NC back to a stock ROM with these guides. If your NC is unbootable, this is a good place to start.

    [Guide] Back to B&N Stock 1.4.1 or upgrade to 1.4.1
    (How to upgrade older stock roms to 1.4.1 OR replace a custom rom like CM7, back to the stock B&N 1.4.1 rom.)

    [Guide] How to restore your NC to stock B&N 1.3
    (Step by step guide to upgrading older B&N roms to 1.3 OR replacing a custom rom with B&N stock 1.3. An OTA update to the latest version, 1.4.1 should be offered.)

    (mods/guides feel free to update this as needed.) :D


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