Jul 21, 2010
Despite my every effort for hours, I can not get this Nook Color v1.4.3 to boot from the SD Card. It skips past into Stock. It was Rooted for many months happily. Yesterday it suddenly became unrooted. I had to Force a Factory Install. Now I can not get this thing read any SD Card, with any Image, created on any computer.

Is there any way around this, or a way to force what I want it to boot? I currently have a recent ClockworkMod on the card. before that was a few other random ones I tried, new and old.

When I did this last time, I remember connecting the Nook to the Computer. But I can not find those types of directions anymore. Any Ideas?

Sorry, you're not giving me anything useful.... :D

  1. Did you have a rom on your sdcard that used to work?
  2. Or is this a new sdcard install that's never worked?

If (1), all sdcards eventually fail, especially when you run a rom off of them.

If (2), are you sure you have a Nook Color and not a Nook Tablet? Nook Tablets have a microphone hole opposite the headphone jack at the top and the directions on this forum won't work on your device.