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Nook Color won't turn on...AT ALL!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by josepha24, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. josepha24

    josepha24 Newbie
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    It's a LONG story, but the outcome is, my NC will not power on. It is fully charged.
    Bottom line, I tried the 8 failed reboot method, because I couldn't get back to CWM recovery. Figured I'd just start from scratch. After 4th reboot, CWM appeared, which surprised me, since I couldn't get back with my card inserted. This happened without the SD card. Well, I got so excited :p, I proceeded to format cache, data and boot, then realized I probably shouldn't have done this without the card.
    I hope I'm making this clear, but my brain is fried from the cluster #%*@, that is my NC.
    (Note to self~ when you have been working like a dog and are bone-tired, DO NOT attempt ANY tech modifications to your Nook)

    So, can anyone help me get this thing turned on? Maybe the simplest way possible?? Thanks!


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