Noop attempting to root cdma hero

Hey everyone i am fairly new at this stuff so please bare with me. I want to root my Sprint HTC Hero. I let a friend update my firmware to 2.1 and found out he used the 2.27.651.6 build version instead of 2.27.651.5 from my understanding the version that i have doesnt allow me to root my phone. So i some how have to change over to 2.27.651.5 Do i have to flash back to 1.5 and then to 2.27.651.5?? If so how is this done?? remember im new at this and dont want to brick my phone..


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Good luck and keep us post, I am sure they will move your post to the rooted section

Ok finally figured it out. I am flashing over now.. Told you i was a noob lol. I will apdate and let you know how the rooting process goes


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Finally got this rooted. Took a while bc i had to turn my debugging off to install the new build and to install the new sync version and then turn it back on to root it. i didnt know all of this at first.