Help Normal radio behavior?


Hello everyone. Quick question about the ATT S3.

My battery life has never been wonderful on this device (I get 12-15 hours if I really don't use it; with any type of regular use, it drops substantially below the 10 hour mark.) I've read lots of forums and tried lots of Rom/Kernel combinations, stripped apps down to the bare minimum, experimented with screen brightness -- in short, all the obvious things.

I think that there's something wrong with the device's radio, and wonder if somebody can confirm whether this is normal behavior. Often, the reception will read 1 or 2 bars when the device is sitting around unused. If I place a call, the bars will suddenly shoot up to full strength. This only happens when WiFi is engaged, and the phone is not searching for 4G signal. In the latter case, the signal seems always to be weak, or to fluctuate wildly.

Does this behavior seem as odd as it seems to me? Is there an easy way to test the radio hardware to see if something needs to be replaced?




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Does not sound like a phone issue.

The cell radio on wireless is not active and should not be. You have weak cell signal. That's what the fluctuations are all about.

Go to another location with strong signal and pay attention to your phone for an hour or so.