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Google contact sync

I got a new phone. Droid maxx 2. Not all of my contacts are syncing through my Google account. Only 7 synced. The last phone I had (lgg2) I had the same problem... Same 7 loaded but no others. I don't remember how I got the rest to load last time.. I think they loaded in a couple hours. This time it's been 12 hours and still they haven't loaded. I checked my Google account on my web browser and for some reason those are the only contacts there. The same random 7. I tried cloud but that says no contacts saved. Any ideas?


Android Expert
You're not saving contacts to your Google account. You're saving them to phone-only storage or maybe even the SIM. Make sure you save contacts as Google contacts. You can export phone-only contacts as a .vcf file and import that to your Google contacts to get them in one place, backed up to Google.