not allowed to create and edit playlists and songs in Kies and unknown artists :(

the only thing i miss about my old Iphone is Itunes :(
i bought Galaxy S2 and
i have a few problems:

1: when i use Samsung's Kies while my galaxy connected MTP USB
i cannot edit the MP3s info :mad:

2: Why when i add mp3s via debugging USB the artiests are unknown in Kies and WMP??? :thinking:

3:I cannot create/edit playlists when i'm connected in MTP USB Kies ?? :(


#1 and #3 I would suspect you're not allowed to change these while the device is connected, ready to sync, because it may need to sync at any time while you are editing, assuming the sync is already enabled. in other words, there is likely a system lock preventing your edit by design.

just a hunch, probably someone knows a lot better than me and can explain it in exact Samsung terminology...