Jun 7, 2013
So I was trying to install a new ROM, my friends installed the first one I had and it was giving me issues so I tried installing the second one myself and now the OS won't boot at all, it's just stuck at the HTC screen. I have Clockwork Recovery installed and the option to install new OS from .zip but I need to know if there's still anything I can do, like maybe put a new ROM on the SD card and install it that way, or if there are any other options?

Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance :D
Did you make a backup of your previous ROM before you flashed the new one? If so you can boot into recovery and restore your backup and you can try again from there.
I was not that smart unfortunately. What I was hoping is to install the original OS that came with the phone, with HTC Sense and everything. Is there anywhere I can download the original ROM from?