Jan 25, 2011
I have rooted nook with 1.1.0 an when I go to market not finding the netflix app. I have turned device sideways to see more apps. But still not finding it :(. Please help andy advice would be nice.
ok so should I run phiremod 6.2 or cm7 which one is easier and can put on sd card. Looking for video, not that technical.
I'm running the Stable CM7 sd card with Netflix...

It was very easy and Netflix is running very good....

I did have to mod the build.prop (which was easy).

But depending on what you do... here is the correct build.prop edits depending on what you go with...

Android 2.3 ROMs (CM7 Stable, Phiremod, etc...)
ro.product.model=Nexus S

CM7 nightlys + Android 2.2 ROMs (Stock, Froyo, etc...)
ro.product.model=HTC Vision