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Not going to lie..camera is so-so.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Yaken, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Yaken

    Yaken Member
    Thread Starter

    Saw the pictures in the reviews and they looked great. And in decent lighting they are, but in low lighting they really look very poor. I take a lot of close up pictures in my office, and the lighting in there isn't the best. My iPhone produced better images. But, still loving the phone.


  2. eldude

    eldude Lurker

    I have to agree that lighting makes all the difference. In low light shots my pics look kind of washed out and really yellow, but in any shot where there is natural light they look bright. Either way, I am happy to have a flash.
  3. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

  4. im sure there will be an update eventually that will fix the exposure
  5. sarstube

    sarstube Member

    Doubtful. My gf's incredible is over a year old and it has pretty much the same problem.
  6. well we can hope or maybe a market app?
  7. Manny05

    Manny05 Newbie

    i noticed this...evo 4g and inspire have the same camera and when i compared them to the iphone 4, the iphone 4 beats it by a lot.
    but it gets the job done.. no complaints here.
  8. Oridus

    Oridus Android Enthusiast

    As long as I can get a decently clear picture I think I personally won't have an issue with it. It sucks for those who's phones are their only cameras though. Eventually we'll get a glass / sensor quality that will be outstanding in phones, putting up a rivalry to P&S Cameras. Great for those days I don't have my Canon DSLR with me.
  9. KenG10

    KenG10 Well-Known Member

    I will agree. In low light even when using the led flash, the pictures come out...well.....yellow. I havent had a chance to test in better light yet. Just thought I'd chime in and say I have the same yellow experience.
  10. I agree here for the occasional phone pic its all good, for those who use as a dedicated camera maybe not
  11. bbgeekchic

    bbgeekchic Newbie

    Being a professional photographer, I am a bit biased of course lol. I had amazing picture quality with my BlackBerry Tour. Now this is not to say that ALL BB's took great pictures because it depended on the MP AND if it had zoom/auto focus etc.. So that was just with THAT particular phone. However the iPhone 4 takes amazing pictures.
    I think if it were my ONLY camera, I would be very dissatisfied.

    BUT, because its just a nice "feature" on an amazing smartphone, the fact that I have my Canon Rebel XS dSLR camera on me at all time no matter where I go... this wont be a problem.
  12. Oridus

    Oridus Android Enthusiast

    Wish I could carry my Rebel with me everywhere I go, but with the weather, poor glass would suffer from the extreme temperature changes because I don't have anywhere at work I can really store it.
  13. PSXBatou

    PSXBatou Well-Known Member

    Honestly I can't say its any worse than the issues I had with the iPhone 4 camera. If you look at Apple forums there are at least 4-5 threads full of complaints about that camera. In low light any small lens camera is going to suffer as even with a dual flash it will struggle to let in enough light, its the nature of the beast unfortunately.

    Outside or with enough light this camera beats the iPhone 4's camera hands down, for a phone camera its quite good imo.

    Just remember florescent lights will create a green cast in most photos, that is not a issue with the camera but rather its color balance since those lights naturally give off a greenish cast. I haven't tested if this camera has that issue like the iPhone 4 does thought.
  14. pixar

    pixar Newbie

    Yup, I'm too much of a perfectionist when it comes to photography to use this instead of my Canon and Olympus DSLRs, but it will def come in handy for pics when I am in the go.
  15. blazeplacid

    blazeplacid Well-Known Member

    I switched the setting from 8mp to 5mp and it helped me.
    Dont know if its just me, but the pics looks better on 5mp
  16. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    I'm actually expecting HTC to release an exposure update to fix the camera some time soon, unless they meant the camera to be like this.

    We'll see.

  17. I agree here
  18. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    To compound on my post, I do not see the camera as bad. Coupled with the dual-LED flash it is quite a good camera compared to the flash-less 5 MP camera I had used on my Captivate.
  19. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Unable to launch the Camera Application
    1. Ensure that you have an SD Card installed in the device.
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  20. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Android Enthusiast

    I am having some really good results with the camera in normal light and even in splotchy light. Its in really dark lighting that the camera fails but honestly that is to be expected. I thought my captivate took great pictures but this one blows that out of the water.....dont even get my started on the dell streaks camera....anyone remember some of those crappy pictures i posted? hahaha

  21. I have been having good results...although I haven't used it dark lighting
    Just took a pic in the dark and it looks real good no yellowing at all
  22. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    This camera successfully turned my beautiful girl friend into a jaundiced nursing home patient.

    I disabled the flash and that corrected the problem...ONLY use the flash for complete dark situations.
  23. yea if there is light the flash is not needed only in almost to complete darkness
  24. donalson

    donalson Newbie

    I also am a DSLR shooter... but you can't compare the little flake of a sensor vs that of even the APSC slr sensors... it's just not fair... that being said... in my little bit of playing the color is just the very bad auto white balance settings...

    example... I just took these in my dark living room (sittin gon the couch, only a lamp on in the other room and outside.

    defaults out of the camera including auto ISO EXIF data says ISO: 2081

    2nd shot, only changed the ISO setting to ISO: 800

    3rd shot, still set to ISO: 800 and changed white balance to florescent

    4th shot, changed back to auto ISO but white balance set to florecent exif states ISO: 2081

    sorry i'm on the netbook or else i'd work on some 100% crops for noise... but I think the big issue is white balance... even high end DSLRs have issues with WB (just the nature of the beast as it's guessing what color things are based off of what it thinks "neutral" is.

    I took some shots today while out with my fam and was pleased with how they came out (purely as a remember the moment/fun type stuff and thats what I see this camera being for... so if they could work on auto WB i think it's a winner... (or just post process it I believe even picassa has some sort of WB adjustment

  25. Very very cool you have definitely stumbled onto something
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