Not impressed by battery, worried by blackscreen

Hmmph! For a while I had an old rooted Galaxy S2 running Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean. It was mostly good, but I did miss some elements of Touchwiz and the battery life seemed to get worse with every ROM update. I'd been tempted by the RAZR Maxx's monster battery back in the spring, but put off by several mixed reviews of almost everything else about that phone.

Then I started hearing about the RAZR i, which seemed like a decent compromise between size, specs and battery power. I sold the S2 and I've had an i for a week now.

Unfortunately, the i battery seems to last no longer than my roughly 18 month old S2! Admittedly, to counter the effects of RR JB I'd been using a Samsung extended life battery in the S2, but even so the reviews I've read had led me to believe that the RAZR i would at least survive one day of moderate use with a reasonable percentage of power. Sadly, this has not been the case. If I'm browsing the web or using Facebook (whether over 3g or wifi) the battery loses approx. 10% per hour, sometimes more. My original unrooted S2 matched that, and the rooted one managed about the same with the extended battery.

To add insult to injury; the sodding thing pulled a 'blackscreen' on me last night; the screen went black, the three navigation keys at the bottom vanished and the phone ignored the power key. The only way to clear this is by hard reset. On googling, I found that it seems to have been a persistent problem in some 2011 Android RAZR models, but I haven't seen any i owners complaining about it yet.

I want to like this phone, but the battery life is a letdown and the blackscreen is a nuisance. Have any other RAZR i owners been similarly disappointed?


I too have been disappointed with the Battery power, after charging it to 100% I downloaded and use Einstein HD app for about 15 minutes, then a few texts over WhatsApp, 30 seconds using Hatchi.. and after 2 hours I've lost 20% of my battery even though it has been sitting on idle for most of the time, a great let down indeed :/