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Not in love

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hewitts, May 14, 2011.

  1. hewitts

    hewitts Newbie
    Thread Starter

    SO I switched from a D1 to a Fascinate (private market) about a month ago. I have to say I'm not in love with the Fascinate. The screen IS amazing, but between Bing and all the permenantly installed (mostly junk) aps, I'm not finding it as friendly as I'd like. Am I the only one? Is there an easy fix? or is it time to start watching for a DX?

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  2. JMF_Droid

    JMF_Droid Well-Known Member

    I don't know. I really like the Fascinate. I like that I got a white one. I like the screen. I'm very pleased with the picture quality & video recording. The battery life is pretty good w/ my use of the phone. I'm not a fan that there isn't a LED notification...or that it is somewhat an iPhone clone. Nothing big though. I played with a Droid X & wasn't happy. Maybe the one I was using? It lagged. The touch wasn't as good as my Fascinate's. I am a phone junky. So I'll probably jump ship soon to something newer, but I'm happy for right now.
  3. nunyazz

    nunyazz Android Enthusiast

    Just root your phone and set it up like you want.
  4. speedfreak

    speedfreak Well-Known Member

    Yea your going to have to root it to be happy. Even then it is a struggle to be happy. But once you get used to the screen it is hard to turn away.
  5. cbEck

    cbEck Newbie

    My phone is not rooted, I use Launcher Pro (Paid) and am quite happy with my phone.

    Launcher Pro lets you hide all of the junk apps from the app drawer. Out of sight, out of mind. LP also gives my phone more of a stock feel to it. It also seems zippier since 2.2 rolled out. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of the browsers (dolphin, opera) work a lot better with 2.2.

    I'm sure the same can be done with other launchers out there. It's totally worth the few dollars cost to get a paid version of what you like.

    It does suck that the search key is perma Binged...That remains my one complaint...

    Would I be happier if I was rooted and could customize everything? Yes, but I've been content with 2.2 since it came out.
  6. substring

    substring Android Enthusiast

    You do know that Bing will no longer be the default search engine after upgrading your Fascinate to Froyo, don't you? I now have Google Search Bar on my default home screen.

    I don't know what junk app you are talking about, but most of the app can be uninstalled. For those that cannot be uninstalled, you can simply remove them from the 7 app screens. I only keep those apps that I use on a regular basis on those 7 app screens.
  7. hewitts

    hewitts Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So When is the update roll out? Unbinging would help, and I honestly didn't think the vcast and such would come off in settings since it wouldn't in sp screens. Thanks for that.

    I know there are mods and roots out there to do almost anything, but it seems like I should be able to have the search bar I want without hacking. Free tethering would be nice too.
  8. mrebrown

    mrebrown Lurker

    I bought my phone rooted, and with a custom rom, i want to learn how to do it, and change it.Can anyone point me in the right direction?? :D
  9. tgulch22

    tgulch22 Android Enthusiast

    check the all things root area, all the info you could want and more

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