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Support Not Registered On Network

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Drosera, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Drosera

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    Oct 21, 2010
    Alright, so I got the latest update for my Vibrant about a couple of days ago and everything was going fine. Today at work, my phone ran out of batteries and after charging it and turning it back on, I get an error "Not Registered on Network" when I try to dial. I've turned it off, restarted it, taken battery out, taken SIM card out, blew on it, etc and still I don't have any bars and cannot make phone calls.

    Any ideas? I want to do a factory reset but all I have done so far to "back up" my files is simply copy and paste all the files on to my laptop HD. Is here a better solution than that? I'm gonna have to reinstall EVERYTHING, right?

    Thanks everybody.


  2. Sorry to see you're having those troubles with your Vibrant following the update, Drosera.

    I've moved your question to the Support area for you.

    Before you do anything, be sure to go into your network settings to be sure it is not just a configuration issue; sometimes we'll be fooling around the menus and we'll uncheck or check a box by accident scrolling, etc. ;)

    If my device had those issues, I'd do the factory data reset right away, after syncing my contacts, etc.

    The apps (from Market) can be restored in Market via the menu > downloads (or "my downloads" in some versions of Market). Be sure to list your apps manually somewhere in case that does not work. Also, what you've done do copy the apk files at least gives you the list of apps for later download, in case moving them from your computers hard drive (or from you sd card if you've put apk files there) back to the phone does not work.

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