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not reseaveing picture messages... pls help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shawn G, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Shawn G

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    Ok i have a problem... so heres what happend... i was haveing isues sending a pic to someone it kept giveing me a eror mesage saying its curupt or something along that line... any way... i went to settings and the apps tab and went and found messanger and cleared all the data and force closed... then i try to send again... it works i can send pics now YAY... but wait... now someone is telling me they are trying to send a pic... im not getting anything... i dont think much of it... then i call a buddy and have him try to send me a pic ... i get nothing... now im starting to get worried... pls help... anyone ...

  2. olbriar


    First off I'd like to welcome you to AF. I hope you enjoy. My only suggestion on your problem would be to open you message app>menu>settings>maximum message size. There you might try setting that to 1200K and see if that helps. I'm only guessing that your buddy's pic is too large and is being refused. You also make certain that you have auto-retrieve marked. Good luck

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